Monday, June 29, 2009

Confederations Cup final Brazil shows heart and determinations against tough USA side

The Confederations Cup so far has been a ride full of surprises so far and although many wanted the “superfinal” between Spain and Brazil but the United States of America put an impressive performance with heart and determination to carry themselves out of the “group of death” winning 3-0 against back to back African Cup of Nations champions Egypt and were helped by Italy losing 3-0 to Brazil, after this when put against European Champions Spain which had a 15 game winning streak which they wanted to continue, the USA fights with determination and grit to beat the #1 team in the world 2-0. Now having made it into the first final of a FIFA competition, the United States of America now faces their greatest challenge, a cynical and powerful Brazil team.

Quick Match Report
9' GOAL!!! Dempsey scores-USA: 1-0 USA
18' Bocanegra recives a yellow card-USA
24' Felipe Melo receives a yellow card-Brazil
27' GOAL!!! Donovan scores-USA: 2-0 USA
35' Andres Santos receives a yellow card-Brazil
46' GOAL!!! Luis Fabiano scores-Brazil: 2-1 USA
67' Elano replaces Ramires-Brazil
Dani Alves replaces Andres Santos-Brazil
69' Lucio receives a yellow card-Brazil
72' Bornstein replaces Feilhaber-USA
Kljestan replaces Altidore
73' GOAL!!! Luis Fabiano scores-Brazil: 2-2
84' GOAL!!! Lucio scores-Brazil: 3-2 for Brazil
87' Connor Casey replaces Ricardo Clark-USA

Final score 3-2 Brazil

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