Monday, August 31, 2009

Grosso moves to Juventus for 3 million euros

Italian left-back Fabio Grosso has left Olympique Lyonnais for Juventus, Juventus is paying Lyon 3 million pounds which some say should be considered a steal because the two clubs were originally talking around 7 million euros.
A problem that was often noted with Juventus was their full-back positions which now after the signings of Fabio Grosso and receiving Caceres on a one year loan from Barcelona can be ready to challenge for the Italian Scudetto.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Italian League: Inter Milan dominate the derby 4-0, and Juventus beats Roma 3-1

Quick match report and other Serie A results below
The derby della Madonnina took place this weekend and it brought huge surprises with it, Inter Milan crushed AC Milan 4-0, and not only this but Inter Milan were able to do it with a very different style of play than their usual.
Before the transfer market Jose Mourinho asked his president, Massimo Moratti, for four different players, a central defender (Lucio), a central midfielder (Thiago Motta), an attacking midfielder (Sneijder), and a striker (Diego Milito and Eto'o), now that Jose Mourinho has gotten what he wants he has no more cards to play, he must win it all.
Inter Milan shone in the derby against AC Milan bringing together silky smooth one touch passing and the physicality of the team. To put it simply, Inter Milan dismantled AC Milan. Inter Milan kept posession with good passing, Lucio and Maicon made sure the defensive line stayed high up the field to help press the opponents, and they were able to maneuver the ball into tight spaces. the first goal was pure teamwork, passing the ball around the AC Milan area to then filter it through to Thiago Motta (sensational on the night) who sent it past Storari. The second goal was Digo Milito from the penalty spot because Gattuso had fouled Eto'o in the box, the third goal was a copy of the first except with Maicon slotting it past the keeper, then came half time, although the game already looked decided and Inter Milan were content to pass the ball around the midfield, the fourth goal came, and the fourth goal was a cracker, Dejan Stankovic blasts the ball into the top right hand corner, 4-0.
Another gamble which payed off for Inter Milan was that Jose Mourinho put Sneijder in the starting 11. Sneijder had only arrived the day before from Spain and was presented the same day, without even a proper training session Sneijder unlocked many capabilities for Inter Milan. In the first 5 minutes he made sure Storari, (AC Milan goalkeeper), was awake with a powerful shot from outside the box, and he continued to play exceptionally well
AC Milan was also highly affected by their captain, Rino Gattuso, being sent off because of accumulation of yellow cards, but that was no excuse, AC Milan were clumsy and showed only quick flashes of dangerous play but other than that Inter dominated. Ronaldinho was overpowered by physical defenders and the powerful striker that should have been, Borriello, was nowhere to be seen.
Although on their first day Inter Milan were held back by a good Bari side, Inter showed what they could accomplish and if they could continue to play like this, on September 16th Barcelona will be shaking in their boots.
Quick match report
AC Milan vs Inter Milan
San Siro Giuseppe Meazza stadium- attendance: 78,467
6' Flamini receives a yellow card- AC Milan
29' GOAL!!! Thiago Motta scores!!!- Inter Milan
34' Samuel receives a yellow card- Inter Milan
35' Gattuso receives a yellow card- AC Milan
36' GOAL!!! Diego Milito scores!!! (penalty)- Inter Milan
41' Gattuso is sent off because of accumulation of yellow cards- AC Milan
44' GOAL!!! Maicon scores!!!- Inter Milan
45' Seedorf replaces Flamini- AC Milan
45' Ambrosini replaces Borriello- AC Milan
60' Muntari replaces Thigao Motta- Inter Milan
64' Huntelaar replaces Ronaldinho- AC Milan
67' GOAL!!! Stankovic scores!!!- Inter Milan
73' Vieira replaces Sneijder- Inter Milan
79' Balotelli replaces Diego Milito- Inter Milan
81' Chivu receives a yellow card- Inter Milan
Juventus also played Roma at the Stadio Olimpico and they powered out a 3-1 win over the romans. Both teams played very well but Juventus had more dominance in the game and they were able to finish off Roma with two goals from Diego and in the final minutes with a goal from Felipe Melo.
Other Serie A results
Bari-Bologna: 0-0
Roma-Juventus: 1-3
Atlanta-Genoa: 0-1
Cagliari-Siena: 1-3
Chievo-Lazio: 1-2
Fiorentina-Palermo: 1-0
Napoli-Livorno: 3-1
Parma-Catania: 2-1
Sampdoria-Udinese: 3-1

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Arsenal fail to maintain lead against Manchester United and lose 2-1

Quick match report below.
Arsenal and Manchester United played against each other in the English Premiership with Arsenal trying to keep their good form that they have had lately.
Arsenal gained the lead with a super shot by Andrei Arshavin in the 40th minute and continue to dominate over a disoriented Manchester United but after half time in the 59th minute Wayne Rooney from the penalty spot scores to make it 1-1. The two teams battle it out and eventually the fatal error of Diaby (own goal) gives Manchester United the lead 2-1.
The Arsenal side that looked so compact and organized was crushed by a tough Manchester United side.
Quick match report:
Old Trafford- attendance 75,095
21' Song receives a yellow card- Arsenal
32' Gallas receives a yellow card- Arsenal
35' Evra recieves a yellow card- Manchester United
40' GOAL!!! Arshavin scores- Arsenal
44' Van Persie receives a yellow card- Arsenal
58' Almunia receives a yellow card- Arsenal
59' GOAL!!! Rooney scores (penalty)- Manchester United
62' Rooney receives a yellow card- Manchester United
62' Brown receives a yellow card- Manchester United
63' Ji-Sung Park replaces Luis Valencia- Manchester United
64' OWN GOAL!!! Diaby scores an own goal giving Manchester United the lead
70' Eboue receives a yellow card- Arsenal
71' Eboue is replaced by Bendtner- Arsenal
75' Sagna receives a yellow card- Arsenal
79' Denilson is replaced by Eduardo- Arsenal
81' Arshavin is replaced by Ramsey- Arsenal
86' Giggs is replaced by Berbatov- Manchester United
FULL TIME- Final score 2-1 to Manchester United

Shevchenko returns to Dinamo Kiev from Chelsea

Shevchenko has returned to the club which made him famous Dinamo Kiev, he was at Chelsea before.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Real Madrid has sold Sneijder and Robben making a total of 40 million euros

Real Madrid not only had the plans to buy Kaka', Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, and Xabi Alonso but they had the plans to offload some players, especially many of the Dutchmen they had, now not only have they sold Huntelaar to AC Milan for 15 million euros, but they are now announcing the transfers of Wesley Sneijder to Inter Milan for 15 million euros and the transfer of Arjen
Robben to Bayern Munich for 25 million euros.
By selling just these three dutchmen the club has made 55 million euros, which could easily pay for Xabi Alonso, (30 million) and can pay a large part of Benzema's signing, (35 million)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Champions league group stages groups drawn

The Champions League groups for the group stages have been drawn and some teams will have a challenging start to their crusade towards the Champions League knockout stages.
Here are the groups:
Group A
Bayern Munich (Germany)
Juventus (Italy)
Bordeaux (France)
Maccabi Haifa (Israel)
Group B
Manchester United (England)
CSKA Moskva (Russia)
Besiktas (Turkey)
Wolfsburg (Germany)
Group C
AC Milan (Italy)
Real Madrid (Spain)
Marseille (France)
Zurich (Switzerland)
Group D
Chelsea (England)
Porto (Portugal)
Atletico Madrid (Spain)
APOEL (Cyprus)
Group E
Liverpool (England)
Lyon (France)
Fiorentina (Italy)
Debreceni VSB (Hungary
Group F
Barcelona (Spain)
Inter Milan (Italy)
Dinamo Kyiv (Ukraine)
Rubin Kazan (Russia)

Group G
Seville (Spain)
Rangers (Scotland)
Stuttgart (Germany)
Unirea Urziceni (Romania)
Group H
Arsenal (England)
AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands)
Olympiacos (Greece)
Standard Liege (Belgium)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teams that have qualified for Champions League group stages

The teams that have qualified for the Champions League group stages are:
Atletico Madrid
Debreceni VSB
Maccabi Haifa

Gianfranco Zola shocked by fan hooliganism at West Ham vs Millwall

Gianfranco Zola stated that he was shocked by the fan violence at the Carling Cup game between West Ham and Millwall, the two clubs are long time rivals and much hooliganism is in the form of gangs.
West Ham won the game 3-1 in extra time, first Harris scored for Millwall in the 26th minute, then West Ham equalized in the 87th with Stanislas to take the two London teams into extra time. In the 98th Stanislas scored again from the penalty spot and Hines finished it off in the 100th minute

Pavel Nedved confirms retirement

Ex Juventus star Pavel Nedved has confirmed his retirement. After he left the Bianconeri Lazio and Inter were tracking him and an unknown MLS team offered him a contract.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Manchester City seal defence with 2 quick signings, Sylvinho, and Lescott

Manchester City have spent very much money for talent during this transfer period, but many criticized them because they signed too many attacking players.
Not only have they picked up Everton's central defender Joleon Lescott for an undisclosed fee, but on a free transfer they were able to snatch the veteran Sylvinho, ex Barcelona player.
Although Sylvinho is 35 and will probably end his career in Manchester, he will pass on lots of experience to players like Lescott, and now with Sylvinho and Lescott in the team, Mark Hughes' squad can now try and break through to the top 4.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roma get Nicolas Burdisso on loan from Inter Milan

Roma have now sealed the deal that will bring Inter Milan defender Nicolas Burdisso to Roma for one year on loan.
Good news for both Roma and Inter, Roma was desperately searching for a defender to seal up their back line, and Inter Milan's coach Jose Mourinho has been desperately trying to get rid of players from his squad (Mourinho has often stated he would like around a 24 man squad).

Friday, August 21, 2009

World Soccer Daily has been canceled because of Liverpool hate

The radio show World Soccer Daily has been canceled because of a comment made by Steven Cohen (host) about the Hillsborough disaster in which 96 Liverpool Fans died. Liverpool FC and many Liverpool fans and supporters clubs boycotted the radio show. But after some time death threats and hate mail started flowing in to World Soccer Daily. Today, August 21st, 2009 the last show took place for only one reason, hate. Steven Cohen used his right of free speech to release an opinion, and although we all have the right to disagree, none of us have the right to send death threats because of an opinion.
Eventually even the children and family of the hosts were all contacted with death threats personally, but after a while Liverpool FC got involved, they said that they supported the down-bringing of the show.
It is a said day for not only the fans of World Soccer Daily but also soccer in North America, because World Soccer Daily WAS the only national Soccer show.

It is a sad day for media, journalism, freedom of speech and most of all soccer, may Steven Cohen and Kenny Hassan and all people affiliated not suffer because of these terrible hooligans and this terrible club called Liverpool FC.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Champions league qualifiers results: 1st leg

Timisora - VfB Stuttgart: 0-2

Sporting Lisbon - Fiorentina: 2-2

Olympique Lyonnais - Anderlecht: 5-1

FK Ventspils - Zurich: 0-3

Sheriff - Olympiakos Piraeus: 0-2

Kobenhavn - APOEL Nicosia: 1-0

Celtic - Arsenal: 0-2

Salzburg - Maccabi Haifa FC: 1-2

Panathinaikos - Atletico Madrid: 2-3

Levski Sofia - Debreceni VSC: 1-2

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

World Cup qualifying results: Europe

Slovenia tears through San Marino 5-0 at home

Azerbaijan loses at home to Germany 0-2

Croatia wins away 3-1 against Belarus

France get a lucky 1-0 win away from home

Norway destroy Scotland 4-0 at Norway; Scotland in ten men from the 34' minute

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fiorentina sign Cristiano Zanetti for 2 million euros

Juventus midfielder Cristiano Zanetti has signed a 2 year contract with Fiorentina. Fiorentina will be paying 2 million euros over three years to the bianconeri.

Zanetti missed much of last season because of
injury and with the signing of Felipe Melo he found it hard to find space in the squad and so decided to move to Fiorentina.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

AC Milan sign Huntelaar from a powerful Real Madrid side for 14 million euros

Klaas Jan Huntelaar is now officially a player of AC Milan, having left Madrid for 14 million euros, and having passed his medical exams he is ready to play for a team that will certainly need him more than his former club Real Madrid.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Aquilani replaces the hole left by Xabi Alonso for 20 million euros

Alberto Aquilani has signed a five year contract
with Liverpool, in which he gets 4 million pounds every season.

Liverpool bought Aquilani to try and patch the hole left by Xabi Alonso who has gone to Real Madrid and have made around a 10 million euro profit by selling Xabi Alonso for 30 million euros and buying Aquilani for 20 million euros.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Real Madrid sign Xabi Alonso

Real Madrid have signed another superstar to add to their team of Galacticos, Xabi Alonso, Liverpool's defensive midfielder for 30 million euros and it is rumored that Xabi Alonso has already signed a four year contract.
Many criticized Real Madrid's market campaign to be focused on attacking superstars and that there would be an unbalanced team but now with Xabi Alonso the might find a good balance.


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