Thursday, September 10, 2009

SWU is currently under some renovations, please be patient

Soccer Wrap Up is under renovations, please be patient, hopefully we will return better than ever!!!

If you want to read about the renovations being made click read more.

We are,

  • Widening the post area, (bigger pictures, and no squashed paragraphs).
  • Widening the sidebar, (no need to scroll to the side on our polls to see the results any more).
  • A new "background" because other one, soccer ball in the net, didn't fit.
  • Changing some font colors on the sidebar so everything isn't white.
  • Getting a Labels system going so if you want to see the news about a certain player, competition, or team you can go on our newly enlarged sidebar, and click on whatever label you want.
  • Going to start using the pagebreak/read more feature for big articles and news.

Thats all so far, hopefully it will make for an easier and better experience for you, the reader. 
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