Friday, September 11, 2009

Transfer Wrap Up

From Vieri to Beckham here is a Transfer Wrap Up

Vieri is retiring,
Beckham can return to Milan,
Juventus want Rossi,
Kaka comments on Milan,
Bayern regret selling Lucio,
Roma looking at Van Nilsterooy,

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Vieri retires to play poker

Former italian striker Christian Vieri has retired from football, to become a Professional World Series poker player. The Italian striker was one of the greatest strikers having 49 caps and 23 goals for Italy, the striker played for a large list of teams including Torino, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Lazio, Inter Milan, AC Milan, and finishing his career at Fiorentina then Atlanta.

Beckham to return to AC Milan in January

It seems that Beckham already has a deal in place with Italian giant, AC Milan. Milan are saying that the player and the club already had a deal in June and that LA Galaxy know about it.

Juventus keen on Rossi

After his great performances in the Confederations Cup, many teams are interested in Rossi, but Juventus has stated that he is a target for the next summer transfer window. Juventus already have many strikers, and many of them are second strikers, Del Piero, Diego, and Giovinco, do they really need another striker?

Cycle was over says Kaka`

Kaka' comments on his Milan experience,

"In my opinion life consists of cycles and my cycle in Milan had reached an end. It was very good, I won everything I could win, but then came the moment where the story had to end."
the brazilian legend says that his cycle in Milan had reached an end. What about Milan's players that are older than Kaka'? What about Gattuso, Pirlo, Nesta, is their cycle over?

Lucio missed by Munich

In a recent interview Franz Beckenbauer former football legend and current Bayern Munich president stated

"Our problem is the back line and I hope that our manager will be able to solve these problems. Perhaps has been a mistake to sell Lucio this summer, he was an important player for our defense since many years"
Lucio was sold to Italian champions Inter Milan, and was a key part in Munich's defense system, whether they can replace him or not is up to them.

Roma looking at Van Nilsterooy

Italian club have been looking for a central striker all summer, and didn't find one over the transfer window, but there is a possibility that Ruud Van Nilsterooy aka Ruud Van goal could move to Roma next transfer window. With Real Madrid's super signings Van Nilsterooy could be put on the bench, and at Roma he would certainly feature in the starting 11.

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