Thursday, November 19, 2009

Product Review - Inter Milan Graphic Hoodie

When I look for a hoodie, I look for two main things, comfort and style. They may seem rather straight-forward, but it is hard to find a hoodie that fits both categories for you. The Inter Milan graphic hoodie fits both categories spot on with a fabulous design, while letting you support Italy's current champions, Inter Milan.

This hoodie is much different than any other hoodie I have had, the comfort and warmth is astounding, but what really surprised me was how thin the fabric was, and how light the overall hoodie was. No longer do I need to wear a heavy hoodie that is hard to store because of the thickness and space it took up, this hoodie keeps me warmer and dryer using better technologies. Imagine yourself running laps around the pitch, it starts to rain, your hoodie is thick and quickly sucks up all the water, weighing you down while letting the cold sink in to your lower layers. Now imagine the same scene, except you are wearing the Inter Milan graphic hoodie, it starts to rain, the rain drops don't penetrate through the hoodies fabric, and you stay light, warm, and insulated.  These two scenes are drastically different because of the detail and design of the Inter Milan graphic hoodie compared to a normal hoodie. The Inter Milan graphic hoodie insulates you from the outside cold and rain with elastic finishings on the waist and the wrists, the hood also has a string so you can tighten the hood, completely sealing you off from the cold. Few hoodies can boast this feature, and even less can say that their hoodies also prevent water from penetrating, these maybe small details make a world of difference in your speed, your stamina, and your health.

The hoodie also has style, the torso area is black, while the arms are blue, Inter Milan's famous colors, the hoodie also features INTER written in golden dots which clearly state who you support. Underneath is the Inter Milan crest woven in with the special edition tricolore outside finishing, and below that is the famous nike logo in striking blue. With a large ample pocket above the waist finishing, this hoodie allows you to carry a large range of items without any hassle.

The Inter Milan hoodie is the perfect item to wear over your favorite soccer jersey, keeping you dry and warm, this hoodie is perfect for any season. And if you aren't looking for an Inter Milan hoodie, you can find all the soccer gear you need at one of the best soccer shops around at

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