Friday, November 20, 2009

World Cup Qualifiers Wrap Up: Henry Gives a Hand to Domenech

The 32 teams have been decided, while some teams reinvent themselves, others disappoint. With many controversial decisions, FIFA are starting to feel the pressure of incorporating technology into the beautiful game.

In Europe, the four huge playoffs could be described as disappointing,

Slovenia against Russia showed a strong russian team at home, winning 2-1 in the first leg, but a fantastic Slovenia against a frustrated nine man Russia wins 1-0, going through thanks to the away goals rule.

Greece and Ukraine was a rather goalless tie, the first leg in Greece ended 0-0, and in the second leg, the Greeks were able to nip a goal, going through 1-0.

Portugal faced a tough Bosnia Herzegovina side, winning 1-0 in the first leg at home, Portugal seemed sure to go through, even though Bosnia hit the crossbar and the post in the range of 10 seconds. The second leg went Portugal's way, winning 1-0 at Bosnia Portugal go through on an aggregate score of 2-0.

The best for last, Ireland against France was an exciting match up that ended in an exciting way, the first leg finished 1-0 for the French who were away against 80,000 Irish supporters. A deflection off of Anelka's shot hit the post and went in, a tragic goal for the Irish to give up. But Ireland went to France, with spirit and with heart, battering away at the French, Ireland got an away goal with Robbie Keane. The game finishes 1-0, in extra time, a free kick given to France, Henry is in offside position but it isn't called the ball swings over to him, and to keep it in play he taps it with his left hand, then quickly shifting the ball again with the same hand over to his leg, allowing him to pass the ball into an oncoming Gallas who gets the ball into the back of the net. All the Irish players go over to the referee, but the goal is allowed and France go through thanks to their captains hand. Ireland appealed for the match to be replayed, but FIFA announced that the match will not be replayed, and that France will travel to South Africa.

Check out our poll on this subject, should FIFA have replayed the game? Vote now!

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