Friday, February 13, 2009

The Milan derby

With the Milan derby coming up (Inter Milan vs. AC Milan) both managers have something to prove, Mourinho has to show that he can take a team like AC Milan, while Ancelotti needs to try and close the gap between his Milan and the powerhouse Inter that is slowly slipping away through Milans fingers. And while Inter look like the favorites for this match, AC Milan has won the last two derby's. Other notable Serie A matches are,

Genoa-Fiorentina, the two teams racing for fourth while Roma is trying to climb back up, Fiorentina got the champions league spot last year and maybe Genoa could snatch a win to surpass Fiorentina. I predict a 2-1 win for Genoa because of their great performances recently. (winning against Juventus 3-2)

Juventus-Sampdoria, although Sampdoria may not be doing very well this season, and Juventus are in second for the Scudetto it is still a feisty match for Juventus and this could be a very big chance for Juventus to create a gap between them and AC Milan and to try and narrow the gap between them and Inter Milan. I predict a win for Juventus 2-1 because they do seem like the superior team.

Scolari's Sacking

Chelsea's head coach Scolari was sacked recently and now that Guus Hiddink has replaced him temporarily it is very possible that Chelsea might try and get Jose Mourinho back from Inter Milan over the summer.

International Friendlies

There were International soccer friendlies recently and the scores for the more enticing ones are

Spain winning against England 2-0

Brazil winning against Italy 2-0

France losing against Argentina 2-0

These wins not only show that England maybe isn't on the way to winning the world cup. Italy losing against the powerhouse Brazil only shows that maybe the italian team is stuck on the past. (cough, Lippi, cough) France losing against Argentina seemed quite predictable mainly because of Lionel Messi's current level of playing.


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