Saturday, September 5, 2009

News and Transfer Rumour Wrap Up

From Messi to Milan, here is the latest transfer news rumours and more.

Berlusconi to sell AC Milan to Lybian contacts

Silvio Berlusconi, long time AC Milan president and Italian Prime Minister has decided to sell the Rossoneri, he could sell to the Central Bank of Lybia, Lybian Investment Authority, or the Lybian Foreign Bank. It seems that none of his sons are interested in carrying the Italian giant financially. It seems that Berlusconi would like to sell the club little by little, to avoid a sudden change in the AC Milan staff and results.

Robinho looking to leave for Barca, to replace Henry?

It seems that Robinho is tempted go to Barcelona, Barcelona want to replace Thierry Henry who said when his contract expires with the Spanish giants he will move to the MLS. Barcelona are planning to sign him either during the upcoming transfer window in January, or in the next summer transfer window. Manchester City would like to keep the Brazilian talent, but if a good offer comes in they could easily give away Robinho.

Italian champions look at Argentinean phenomenon, Messi

In a recent interview, Javier Zanetti, Argentina international and Inter Milan captain has said that Moratti would like to sign Messi one day,

"Mr.Moratti is a big Messi fan and would like him at Inter. But, it is impossible to sign him in the short term. Messi told me he wants to stay at Barcelona, where he is happy and gets along with everyone. .... Messi is an extraordinary player. ..... One day, when I will become an Inter executive, I could try to sign him - he is still young"
Messi's current buy out clause is reported around 250 million euros, and Inter Milan and Barcelona have always been on good terms, as the Ibrahimovic - Eto'o deal has proved, so Messi wearing blue and black is more than just a remote possibility.

Real Madrid looking at Jovetic

Real Madrid coach, Pellegrini has stated that Jovetic could be the revelation of not only the Champions League, but also the 2010 South Africa World Cup. The 20 year old Montenegrin forward has shown great form in the Champions League Qualifiers stage against Sporting Lisbon and could explode with Fiorentina this season. Whether Real Madrid want to sign him or not will have to wait until the January transfer window.

Trezeguet announces departure from Juventus

Trezeguet has announced that at the end of this year he will leave Juventus. This statement surprised but when thought about you can understand why Trezeguet would like to leave, Juventus hasn't played him yet in the Serie A and with all the attacking talent they have, he might not play at all. Not only does he have to compete with Amauri, Iaquinta, and Del Piero, but the club has brought in Diego and have the young Giovinco that has shown great form in the Under 21's Euro's in Sweden. Trezeguet has not announced where he could go, but Juventus coach has said that he will speak with Trezeguet as soon as possible about the matter.


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