Wednesday, September 9, 2009

England qualify in style and Italy don't need Kaladze to win

England have qualified for the South Africa 2010 World Cup, all they needed was a draw against Croatia, and they won in style, winning 5-1. Lampard and Gerrard scoring two goals each, with Rooney scoring one to finish off the Croatians.

Italy having won both of their matches in this International break, look to be in a good position in their group with 20 points, 4 above the Ireland Republic. Italy won their match against Georgia 2-0 with two own goals by Kakha Kaladze, veteran defender returning from a 5 month injury. Although the debate in Italy raged on whether the national side could score in open play, and if Cassano should be called by Lippi, both debates were quieted fairly quickly with Italy winning 2-0 against Bulgaria. Neither Cassano or Kaladze were needed as Grosso and Iaquinta scored the goals giving Italy another win.

Association with zgame wrap up!!!

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