Friday, October 16, 2009

Ghana is U20 World Cup Winner

Ghana wins the 2009 Egypt Under 20 World Cup, Ghana is the first African team to win the trophy, and certainly will not be the last. Against a tough Brazil side, Ghana was able to defend well after losing Daniel Addo in the 37th minute because of a red card. Ghana held out until the penalty shootout, where goalkeeper Agyei brilliantly saved Teixeira's penalty, helping Ghana reach the famed trophy. At first Brazil dominated, but little by little, Ghana came out of their shell, and started to attack. As Ghana improved, Brazil became sloppier, and eventually both teams were fighting it out. Brazil missed some great chances, and the ones they took were stopped by Agyei, and although Brazil was more offensive overall, Ghana were able to claim the trophy with patience. Ghana's striker Adiyiah through great playing and goalscoring received two awards, Top Scorer, and the Competitions Best Player. The striker was Ghana's main attack force against Brazil, and scored a penalty in the shootout, helping his team be the first African team to win the U20 World Cup.


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