Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Flamengo Wins Brazilian Championship, and Adriano Could Return to Europe

Adriano is now a shining star in Flamengo supporter's eyes, when he moved to Brazil he was hated at first, but as goals came, the supporters turned around. And now thanks to Adriano Flamengo has won an epic Brazilian Championship, with the help of his teammates, Adriano dominated in the Brazilian league, dribbling past defences and using his powerful left foot to stun goalkeepers. 

Although he had a few bright years at Inter Milan, he slowly started getting worse after the death of his father, who was one of the biggest reasons he played soccer. He eventually left the Serie A giants to go to Flamengo to hopefully restart his career, he was met with over 68,000 fans at his first game for Flamengo, all with different ideas of what he could do for them. Some sang "The Emperor is back" while others ignored his presence thinking of his possible imminent failure, but the emperor found his joy in Brazil and scored a large amount of crucial goals, allowing him to claim the top scorer of the Brazilian League.

But know rumors are being spread like wildfire, and Adriano's return could be imminent. It is a big year for him, and if he could possibly break through the starting eleven of the Selecao, that could only be achieved through constant successful playing in a big league. While Zola has kept his eye on him for a possible West Ham starter, Adriano's agent has said that all the rumors were possible because of the emperors great form.

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