Friday, December 18, 2009

Champions League Knockout Stage Draw Brings Back Memories for Mourinho and Beckham

The draw for the Champions League knockout stages was held and some fantastic matches will be played, some interesting Europa League draws are also included at the bottom.

Stuttgart - Barcelona
Olympiacos - Bordeaux
Inter Milan - Chelsea
Bayern Munich - Fiorentina
CSKA Moskva - Sevilla
Olympique Lyon - Real Madrid
FC Porto - Arsenal
AC Milan - Manchester United

AC Milan and Manchester United have played each other often throughout the years, and the Italian giants have often come out on top. And not only will the draw be difficult for both, but Beckham will be returning to his beloved Manchester and a free kick in the 90th minute could be deadly for United. Lyon and Real Madrid is another historical draw in which Lyon has often dominated, but the return of Karim Benzema could kill Lyon off. Fiorentina could be deemed unlucky with their draw, a tough Bayern team who just took out Juventus will be licking their lips for some more Italian blood. Barcelona, Arsenal, Sevilla, and Bordeaux all seem to have simple draws but upsets could be imminent. And probably the biggest draw is Inter Milan against Chelsea, with Mourinho returning to London, he can finally kill off all his past by getting past the blues.

Some Europa League draws are:

Villareal - Wolfsburg
Panathinaikos - Roma
Atletico Madrid - Galatasaray
Ajax - Juventus
Fulham - Shakhtar Donetsk
Liverpool - Unirea Urziceni
Everton - Sporting Lisbon


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