Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jerseys for Life Contest at Soccer Pro Plus Great World Cup Deals!

For all the loving footy fans out there, a contest is now going on at which you don't want to miss. Called Free Jerseys for Life, all you need to do as a footy fan is enter, and you have a chance to win your favorite team's new jersey for free, every year for ten years!

Not only does that sound great, but just for entering the contest, you get a 10 dollar coupon off of any 50 dollar purchase at, the best online soccer store around!

It is so easy and so simple to have a chance to win over 800 dollars in replica jerseys, and you start off as a winner just for entering, hurry up and enter now, Click to Enter & Win Some Sweet Jerseys!

Soccer Pro also offers the greatest World Cup gear and items around, like the official tournament ball, the Jabulani, and much more! Check all that out at

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