Friday, March 19, 2010

Champions League Draw sees Arsenal-Barca, Manchester United-Bayern Munich, and more

Drawing of the UEFA Champions League quarter-finalsThe UEFA Champions League draw took place for the quarter finals, and it seems to really be heating up thanks to some fantastic matches that will be played.

Here is the draw in their semi-final brackets:

Lyon - Bordeaux

Bayern Munich - Manchester United 


Arsenal - Barcelona

Inter Milan - CSKA Moskva

The semi-finals could look something like Manchester United - Lyon, and Inter Milan - Barcelona, but as we know from European football, anything is possible.

What do you think of the quarter final draw? Who do you think can go all the way to the final? Comment below!


  1. Great article man ;)

    Who I think will go through:

    Barcelona - Arsenal could put up a good fight and this should be a great match, but Barca have been playing insanely and I think they could easily get to the final, but they will get defeated then (I hope Man U win it!)

    Internazionale - easy one for Inter, the Russian club has surprised in this tournament so far but still doubt they can do much against the nerazzurri...

    Manchester United - Should destroy Bayern, no problem.

    Olympique Lyonnais (or simply 'Lyon')

    I think Bordeaux also have a good chance and it will be a tough one for Lyon, Gourcuff and the like are doing great for Girdondins so it could easily go either way...

  2. Yes, we'll certainly see some diverse semifinals, I think it'll be Man U - Lyon, and Inter - Barca. After that it's tough to tell because every team has a chance, but Barca look the scariest right now.



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