Thursday, April 22, 2010

World Cup Final Match Ball Revealed: The Jo'Bulani

Sports News - April 20, 2010With the important mark of 50 days until the World Cup kick off, the 2010 World Cup Final Match Ball was revealed. The Jo'Bulani will be the ball used in the final match of the tournament, it was unveiled by Adidas with Franz Beckenbauer, the South Africa National Team "Bafana Bafana", and Carlos Alberto Parreira, the South Africa coach.

While the color palette has changed from the colorful green and red of the Jabulani to the more golden of the Jo'Bulani, the name of the ball is also important. Jabulani signifies happiness, or celebration, and the Jo'Bulani is part happiness, part Johannesburg, where the final will be played in the Soccer City stadium.

But for any ball geeks that were looking for new technologies or changes in the balls structures, the final ball isn't any different from the Jabulani. Both of them use the new grip'n'groove technology which helps the ball move smoothly and powerfully, and they are both made up of an 8 thermally bonded 3D panels, making it the roundest ball ever. Both of these balls look fantastic, and millions will be buying them before the epic final in South Africa.


  1. lol I just got the exact same ball for my birthday (April 21st) except without the gold (it's reddish-orange instead), I think that's for the final. It's a great ball to play with :)

  2. btw love the new look!

    two thumbs up :)



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