Thursday, June 17, 2010

Argentina win 4-1 and Greece comeback against 10-man Nigeria

Two great matches, finally it seems like the World Cup is lighting up with some goals and attacking play. We'll have to wait and see if Mexico - France is also an attacking match, but these two results are great anyways.

Here's how Group B looks after these two results:

Argentina            (6)
Korea Republic   (3)
Greece                 (3)
Nigeria                (0)

Argentina - Korea Republic

A great match in which Argentina continued to do what they do best, light up the stage with a brilliant Messi supported by a powerful attacking force. Veron didn't start, but Argentina had few problems creating goals, they caused an own goal after just 15 minutes. Messi's free kick swung in, and Park Chu-Young thought that the defender in front of him would hit it out, instead the ball was missed and it bounced off Park Chu-Young's foot into the back of the net.

Higuain had the second goal, a center-forwards perfect goal, heading it past the keeper after Burdisso's flick gave Argentina a 2-0 lead. It was right before halftime when Korea Republic scored with Lee Chung-Yong stealing the ball from Demichelis who was just unaware of the player behind him.

In the second half, Argentina continued to push and found the third, Messi's run finished with him hitting the post and Higuain tapped the rebound in from the far post. The fourth came in the 80th minute with Higuain completing his hat-trick with a nice header to bury Korea Republic at 4-1.

Greece - Nigeria

A must-win match for both of these teams, Nigeria showed to be a bit more solid against Argentina, while Greece looked like they'd have trouble after the loss to South Africa. Nigeria started the scoring with Uche, swinging the free kick in for the cross, but it was left untouched as it bounced into the net, a complete goal-keepers error by Tzorvas.

Disaster struck for Nigeria in the 33rd minute for Nigeria, Kaita received a direct red card in the 33rd minute after getting into a bit of a scrap with Torosidis. The Nigerian had kicked the Greek on the thigh to receive the direct red and send his team spiraling into chaos.

Greece got the equalizer right before halftime thanks to a deflection off of Salpingidis's shot which looped over to the opposite side it was heading for before. After that Greece pushed for the winner and eventually found it with Torosidis, the man fouled by Kaita. The Greek scorer picked up a rebound from a fizzing shot and neatly tucked it away for an epic win.

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