Monday, June 28, 2010

Brazil dominates 3-0 past fighting Chile

Pele of the famous 1970 Brazil team
Brazil, the mighty powerful unstoppable samba kings which never fail to inspire. But while many remember the beautiful sumptuous Brazil of the 1970's which could weave and pass it's way through any defense, this isn't that Brazil. This Brazil is physically large and imposing with players like Lucio, Maicon, and Luis Fabiano to name a few, this Brazil is more defensive with a clear focus on not conceding goals with two defensive midfielders, this Brazil is dependent on the counter-attack, while they are creative, they are best on the counter with their speed and power. And this Brazil is probably the best team of the tournament even though they might not have the same style of the historic 1970's side.

Brazil - Chile

Both teams came out with a very attacking mindset, they both went searching for goals, but in the end only one team found them. Brazil scored in the 35th from a corner, Maicon strikes it well and Juan jumps the tallest to head it in under the bar. The second came four minutes later with a deadly counter-attack, Robinho was cutting in from the left, then a quick pass to Kaka at the top of the box who with the first touch slides Luis Fabiano a buttery pass which the Sevilla striker takes and rounds the keeper to score the second.

June 28, 2010 - Johannesburg, South Africa - epa02228648 Brazil's Luis Fabiano (T) leaps over Chile goalkeeper Caludio Bravo en route to a goal during the FIFA World Cup 2010 Round of 16 match between Brazil and Chile at the Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, 28 June 2010.
An absolutely beautiful goal which embodies Brazilian flair and teamwork along with their swift and deadly counter-attack. Then in the 59th we see another extremely fast and deadly attack from Brazil which finishes off the game, it all began with a spectacular run from Ramires who picks to ball at halfway and cuts through the center of the field until the top of the box. From there, in full stride Ramires lays the ball off for Robinho who finishes with a curling shot which kills the game for Chile.

Chile couldn't penetrate Brazil's powerful defence, and after the great defending, Brazil were ruthless in attack. It's a shame that Chile couldn't meet a weaker opponent because it would've been wonderful to see more of the attacking side.

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