Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup Facts, Drawing Football, and more

With the World Cup just ONE DAY AWAY (I was so excited I woke up at 7:00 AM today thinking that today was June 11th...), I have found/created three truly awesome things to show all you footy fans tingling with anticipation.

1.) A wonderful World Cup infographic about World Cup Facts, it's something that you should really check out. It's full of great facts (most I had no idea about) and the visuals are very pretty. Check it out here on LocateTV.

2.) Spectacular video called "Drawing Football", for me it rivals Nike's "Write the Future" ad with its awesomeness. The only way to make you understand is to let you watch it below.

3.) The third and final thing is probably not as awesome as Drawing Football and World Cup Facts, but I found it still pretty awesome. It's the fact that Soccer Wrap Up has now launched the mobile site! While it's relatively laggy and slow, it's still fantastic for all you Iphone and Itouch people (myself included). I was able to make it thanks to the awesome people at Widgetbox who also helped me make the Soccer Wrap Up widget which is shown on the side-bar to the right. 

I hope you are all getting really excited about tomorrow's opening game between South Africa and Mexico (Which SWU will have a full wrap up on along with the other games played that day). The World Cup fever is spreading faster than ever!

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