Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bartek Kalanski finishes among final 26

Arsene observing the players. Image from Nike Facebook Page
Bartek Kalanski, the young Polish goalkeeper, went to the Nike: The Chance trials for the UK. He was among 100 players chosen from the UK, fighting to move on to the global tryouts. The trials lasted two days: after the first day, Bartek was chosen among 25 others to move on to the second day. From here, only four would move on from the final 26.

Sadly, Bartek wasn't chosen to move on to the global trials, but he did get to meet Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Here's the Nike video where you can see some of Bartek's saves, along with the final four which were chosen.

We wish Bartek good luck, as he has the talent to go pro one day. You can visit Bartek Kalanski's facebook page here.

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