Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Resurrection of AC Milan and Real Madrid

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This article was written by Amr Samy, you can visit his site here, and his articles on EPL Online here.

AC Milan and Real Madrid have begun their Champions League campaigns winning 2-0. Bad performances by them last season brought a lot of criticism towards the two giants of European football. Real being knocked out by Lyon and AC Milan losing to Manchester United made them the laughingstocks of last sesson's UEFA Champions League. But this season AC Milan and Real Madrid seem to have different mindsets from last season.

Ac Milan defeated Auxerre 2-0 at home, they had good chances and scored two goals in three minutes. But we can't consider that this performance will make them go far in this tournament. Auxerre were proactive, they tried to score, and had two dangerous balls in the match. AC Milan didn't have a full control over the match and this needs to be fixed if in their next matches they want to defeat strong teams, and ultimately aim for the trophy. Ibrahimovic had a great performance and it was a good response to all who criticized him, but he must have consistency.

Real Madrid on the other hand had complete control in their match, they put in a great performance and won 2-0, a good result. They controlled the match and showed their skills with little trouble. Real played a good match under Mourinho and it's a good start for their first match in the UEFA Champions League this season. The team was offensively active, a lot of chances were created. And the most important thing that they were coming from different ways and players, that is what Mourinho added to Real Madrid. They will go far in this tournament if they stay concentrated and continue with performances like this one against Ajax.

AC Milan will face Ajax next Champions League matchday as Real Madrid will face Auxerre. They'll both have to win these matches as the next match they'll be facing each other. So if they can have six points before they face each other in the, they'll both be in a good position. And then we'll have a spectacle to enjoy when the two teams battle each other for the top spot on the group.

This article was written by Amr Samy, you can visit his site here, and his articles on EPL Online here.

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