Friday, October 1, 2010

Eto'o: footballer by day, Photographer by night...

Eto'o taking a couple of shots
Samuel Eto'o, a complete striker with speed, skill, and deadly finishing. Probably among the top three strikers in the world, if not number one. The Cameroon showed his stuff again for Inter Milan against Werder Bremen during the Champions League matches this midweek, scoring a hat-trick in the nerazzurri's 4-0 victory over the German side.

But you might not have noticed, that during one of his goal celebrations, Eto'o went over to a cameraman, borrowed his camera, and took a few photos. While we're not sure if this is Eto'o's first attempt at photography, some photos came out pretty well.

He only took three photos, and while his first two attempts are slightly fuzzy, his third and final shot shows Wesley Sneijder in all his brilliance, looking towards the camera. I've put all three on this post, just so you guys can rate him as a photographer.
Eto'o going for a scenery shot of the San Siro here, shame that Sneijder and that pesky Brazilian kid got in the way

A little fuzzy right now, I guess Eto'o wanted to focus in on Coutinho on the right, but he's slightly cut off...

Finally Eto'o gets it right, focussing in on a smiling Wesley Sneijder at the San Siro

What do you think of the photos? While I think he should stick to playing football, maybe one day in the future, he'll be sitting behind some advertising boards, taking photos silently.

If you're interested in photography, and you want to see some great photos, I'd consider you check out Stern Photos. The blog is run by a close friend of mine, and he takes some great photos.

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