Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday Pele!

Well, a true legend of the game deserves to have his birthday celebrated by all. Pele has turned 70 today (Oct. 23rd 2010), and we have decided to wish him a happy birthday!

Pele played for only two clubs in his career, and he's best known for his achievements with the Brazilian National team. He first started with the Brazilian club Santos, where he had 1120 appearances for them and scored 1087 goals!

Pele left Santos in 1972, his 17th season with them, and in 1975 he came out of retirement to join the New York Cosmos in the North American Soccer League (NASL). He didn't disappoint in America, he played three seasons for the New York Cosmos where he scored 37 goals in 64 appearances.

The new New York Cosmos crest
Now, after all his legendary career, Pele is helping to revive the New York Cosmos. While the team won't be joining the MLS anytime soon, Pele is helping them out acting sort of as a mascot.

Right now Umbro are making some fantastic gear for the team, and in the image to the left you'll see their new crest/logo. I'm a big fan of Umbro apparel, and the new New York Cosmos jerseys look wonderful.

Maybe one day the Cosmos will return to the top level of American soccer, but for now they're mainly just a youth academy.

I hope you've enjoyed this little article about Pele and his 70th birthday. Considering that it's the birthday of a legend, go ahead an indulge today: start a random game of soccer in a local park, buy yourself a new jersey, or watch a match on TV. Just make sure you remember about the man who gave us so many emotions, a man of humble origins who became a legend of the beautiful game.

Happy birthday Pele.

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