Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eto'o goes Zidane on Chievo Player

From this weekend's action, there were many things to take in. While Tottenham's 3-2 comeback away against Arsenal was epic and surprising, what was even more surprising to me was Eto'o's Zidane-esque head-butt against Chievo defender Cesar.

What surprised me first is that Cesar is Slovenian, and what surprised me secondly was the fact that Eto'o lost his cool and decided to head-butt him. Eto'o's always been a fantastic player, while at Barcelona he was a little arrogant, I never thought that the Camerun had this side to him. And some will certainly point out that this headbutt is a metaphor for the tension and general unhappiness in the Inter team.

Why the unhappiness? Well, Inter lost the match 2-1 to Chievo, and this loss is just one from a bad streak which is endangering Benitez's job. It's Inter's second loss in a row, and out of a possible twelve points, the side has only taken two. The injury list is expansive: Diego Milito, Maicon, Samuel, Thiago Motta, Chivu, Julio Cesar, Mariga, and Coutinho. And all of them are key players, or players which would've been replacements for the key players.

So what do we have to learn from Eto'o's head-butt? That while the team is devastated by injuries, playing badly, and getting terrible results, losing your cool and head-butting an opponent will only make the situation worse. Mainly because after the FIGC reviews the incident, the forward will most likely receive at least a two game ban, hindering Benitez further.

So with the coach's job hanging by a thread, players either injured or losing their cool, what's the president, Massimo Moratti thinking? For sure Benitez will get until the midweek Champions League match against Twente, but what if the Spaniard were to lose again to the Dutch side? Share your comments regarding the situation below!

Here's the head-butt below:

That's something I'd expect someone like Gattuso, Joey Barton, or Ibrahimovic to do. And regarding Ibrahimovic, the big Swede scored a fantastic goal over the weekend. A ball crossed into the box, with his back to goal Zibra juggles, and then bicycle kicks it into the back of the net. His fantastic goal was the only one of AC Milan's 1-0 win over Fiorentina.

I've decided to post the goal below, mainly cause it's something that only Zibra could do:

Something else which caught my eye was Mallorca's 2-1 win away against Sevilla. For any side, travelling away to Sevilla is no easy task, and when Mallorca went a goal up, the travelling fans went wild. But it was not to be, and in the 88th minute, a wonderful ping-pong passing move was finished by Luis Fabiano, giving the home support an epic equalizer to relish. Rarely do you see such fantastic last-minute equalizers, and what's even more fantastic is when a team manages to score a last-minute winner. Mallorca did just that, with Webo nodding in a free kick, and earning his side three important points, away from home against Sevilla.

REFILE - CORRECTING TYPO IN FIRST NAME  Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring his third goal from the penalty spot against Athletic Bilbao during their Spanish first division soccer match at Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid November 20, 2010. REUTERS/Sergio Perez (SPAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER IMAGES OF THE DAY)
In La Liga we also saw Real Madrid spank Athletic Bilbao 5-1, with Ronaldo scoring a hat-trick. But what I find interesting from the match is that the man who scored Bilbao's goal was Fernando Llorente. And Llorente has been closely tracked by Mourinho and Real Madrid as a possible January transfer target. Maybe now after seeing the boy score against them, they'll decide to invest in him, and get rid of Benzema who isn't playing his best right now. We'll just have to wait and see in January.

Another hat-trick in La Liga was scored by Lionel Messi in Barcelona's 8-0 win over Almeria. Yes, you read that right, Barca won 8-0 away from home! But these matches are nothing compared to what's coming next weekend, El Clasico will take place in the Camp Nou. Sadly the match is taking place on a Monday, and I (like many others) most likely won't be able to see it.

I missed almost all the Premier League action, and I'm sorry for leaving it out this week. Next week I'll be sure to write a bit more about the state of English football right now. Please comment below regarding any of the weekend's action!


  1. Well-written article. I'm shocked by Eto'o's behaviour, even though I've always known him to be rough and aggressively arrogant (at times), he had no legitimate reason whatsoever to headbutt Cesar. I hate Chievo but that doesn't mean he can just do stuff like that anytime he wants, which is why he deserves the 3-match ban. He's lucky it wasn't worse than that. Inter is doing bad this year for a few reasons, in my opinion; Rafa is a horrible manager; many key players, as you stated, are injured; tension and frustration is building up causing things like Eto'o's 'Zidanesque' headbutt. Some may argue on the contrary of the points or elaborate on the causes for Inter's spiralling downfall after over 5 years of fantastic football in Italy and winning last season's UCL.

    Messi, according to me, deserves the Ballon D'Or award. He hasn't lost his touch at all and he's bound to keep going this and become an even bigger legend in coming years. Well deserved win for Barca this weekend. Real Madrid also merited their crushing victory Atletico (Bilbao), with Cristiano Ronaldo keeping up his scoring streak after the Portugal vs. Spain friendly earlier last week.

    Also, Ibra has been playing incredibly at Milan this year, the new rossoneri signing is dominating the league with his fantastic goalscoring capabilities! He did well to leave Barcelona. As an AC Milan fan, I'm delighted to have him onboard and more than satisfied with our progress and position this season, at the top of the league :) (it's about time XD).

    I know you're an Inter fan Nico, sorry about that lol. The only thing I truly love/like about Inter is some of their players (ex. Cristian Chivu and Wesley Sneijder; Diego Milito and Maicon also appeal to me; in addition, I believe Inter has a few young Romanian talents in their reserve and youth squads, although one of them [Cristian Daminuta] was recently bought by AC Milan; Denis Alibec is still at Inter though).

  2. I just heard of this yesterday, i did not think E'too was one person who could get that angry. This was a shock to me.



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