Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Real Madrid Humbled In 5-0 Clasico Defeat to Barcelona

David Villa scored a double assisted twice by Messi
Going into El Clasico both Barcelona and Real Madrid looked dangerous and confident as they swept through La Liga with few difficulties. To say the truth, Real Madrid was the team which was full of momentum going into El Clasico, especially considering that they'd won their last seven matches and hadn't lost in La Liga yet before they travelled to the Camp Nou. But Barcelona changed all that, while Jose Mourinho was focusing on getting the media's attention by making comments about the referees, Josep Guardiola was teaching his side how to dismantle a seemingly powerful Real Madrid side.

What happened on Monday night was a lesson for everyone taught by Barcelona and their silky passing. Although the first few minutes were slightly frenetic with both sides getting to grips with each other and the phenomenal crowd, Barcelona eased into their rhythmic passing quickly. After showing us all how to maintain possession, Barca then began to verticalize up the field with astounding velocity, sending Mourinho's defence into all sorts of disarray, and after just ten minutes, they had scored. It was a quick look from Iniesta who picked out Xavi in front of Casillas, a lucky bounce, a backheel flick, and the Spanish midfielder had popped the ball over Iker Casillas and into the back of the net.

Unhappy Mourinho scoffing as Guardiola cheers.
Wild celebration ensued from the Barcelona players, staff, and fans which surrounded Jose Mourinho and his disappointed men. Real Madrid kicked off a goal down, just ten minutes into the match as Barcelona continued with relentless pressure. It didn't take long for Barca to pierce through Real Madrid again, and this time it was Pedro who scored finishing off a pass from David Villa. What happened eight minutes ago after the first goal repeated itself; wild celebration from the Blaugrana, Jose Mourinho looking at his team like a girlfriend he's ready to dump, and Iker Casillas yelling at his teammates in a humiliated fury.

Cristiano Ronaldo pushing Guardiola on the sideline
If there was ever to be a period of time where Real Madrid seemed less lifeless than a rotting corpse it was now. The team slowly eased out of their shell and began to get a few minutes of possession, but they were still relatively disheartened and lacking in ideas. When Cristiano Ronaldo decided to push Guardiola for not giving the ball to him after it went out for a throw, the Camp Nou hailed whistles and boos at the Portuguese winger for the rest of the match. Real Madrid's feeble attempt to have a reaction to Barcelona's supremacy in the first half was halted then and there, with the home crowd galvanizing their team in hope of more humiliation for the arch-rivals.

And more humiliation came, just ten minutes into the second half it was David Villa who scored the third, finishing well after being served by a delightful pass from Lionel Messi. And so we saw Iker Casillas yet again scream with fury at his defence which couldn't cope with a well-oiled Barcelona side. Just three minutes later, Casillas's wrath was unleashed yet again when David Villa slipped through the Real defence, to receive another pass from Messi and poke it through Casillas's legs.

Puyol falling after Ramos's push
4-0 for Barcelona and Mourinho looks as angry as anyone had seen him in a long time. Real Madrid was pulverized by now: Ronaldo completely ineffective, Di Maria completely isolated, and the defence disorganized and sloppy, which is unusual for a team coached by Jose Mourinho. The final minutes of the match, and Josep Guardiola decides to rub a few youngsters into Real Madrid's face. Bojan and Jeffren came on, and the couple combined for Jeffren to score a tap-in, a reminder for Real Madrid that Barcelona are constantly creating talented and skillful youth.

But the match ended on a sour note, it was Sergio Ramos who caused plenty of discomfort in the final moments after hacking at Messi's legs needlessly, and almost causing a fight. The Spanish fullback was obviously frustrated with his team's situation and he lost his head when he pushed Puyol to the ground, and then shoved Xavi in the face. He was promptly sent off by Iturralde Gonzalez, and the final whistle sounded as soon as play resumed.

Sergio Ramos being given a direct red card
An epic, exciting, and historical Clasico which will remain in all of the Barca's players memories. Right now Josep Guardiola hasn't lost a Clasico, and Mourinho has lost his first, so you could say that while Jose is getting used to the Blaugrana's Spanish domination, Josep is as happy as ever with his team's performance. This win raises Barcelona above Real Madrid, giving Barca a two point lead above the rivals. Will La Liga end this way? Will Mourinho concoct a revenge plan to win the next Clasico, and win La Liga? And is there a possibility for a drop in form from Real Madrid? Share your comments below!


  1. This was a thrilling match (as usual, all El Clasico's are exciting :D), and seeing Barca (my fav Spanish club) humiliate Mourinho's side is a great feeling. Beautiful performance by the Blaugrana, especially players like David Villa, Messi, and Xavi. As I expected, Cristiano Ronaldo was more useless on the pitch than a brick (he's way overrated imo). I'm sure Di Maria would have had more of an impact on the match had Real Madrid had a better formation (and other tactical components) to play against their mighty Catalonians archrivals. He's one of the only players in the Real Madrid first team that I actually have a liking for right now (along with Casillas and one or two others).

    It was interesting to see Jeffren score near the end, he rarely plays and he's still very young but it's obvious he's quite quality already. Pedro and Bojan are also some underrated Barca players who almost always tend to shine in games like these.

  2. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are two of my most favorite association football teams, and it really thrills me whenever they face off! But I wasn't able to see this match unfortunately. Hope I could still be able to watch this online, in its fullness. Hmm, whatever happened to Ronaldo right there. Real Madrid got their sanity handed to them by Villa. What an accomplishment.

    As of now, I'm starting to love a more contact sport of rugby games. Even a match from this women's rugby league a few weeks ago was really heart-stopping in itself.



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