Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soccer Wrap Up 8th in Wikio Rankings for November!

I recently received some good news from the people at Wikio, they emailed me to inform me that Soccer Wrap Up has risen in their rankings dramatically, again. While a while ago I posted about SWU reaching 11th in Wikio's Soccer Blog rankings, the good news doesn't stop there. Soccer Wrap Up has risen to 8th place for the month of November!

Each month Wikio (a blogging search engine) releases the top 20 blogs (regarding football/soccer). Wikio will be releasing this November list on their site sometime this week, but they contacted to let me know that I can exclusively release a little early it for you readers to look at.

Soccer Wrap Up is 8th in their November rankings, and I can only thank the you, the readers for this rise. Thank you for following the blog, reading, commenting, and I hope you continue.

Here's the top 20 Soccer/Football blogs for November ranked by Wikio:

1EPL Talk
3The Offside Rules
4Serie A Talk
5The Soccer Daily
6Free Soccer Highlights blog
8Soccer Wrap Up - The Latest Soccer News
9Down the Byline
10WVHooligan - Soccer Blog
11Soccer By Ives
13Champions League Tickets
14inside World Soccer
15The 90th Minute Soccer Blog
16du Nord
17Premiership Talk
18Oh, You Beauty...
19The Global Game
20Soccer Insider
Ranking made by Wikio

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