Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CTRUS: Soccer Ball Of The Future?

While there are tons of cool and exciting technological advancements which are coming our way, yet few things seem cooler than AGENT's new soccer ball, the CTRUS. The slogan or theme which goes with this new ball is, "Fair Play is all about Transparency", and it fits very well with this ball, mainly because it's transparent!

The CTRUS has plenty of features, one of which is that it's completely airless! That means it won't lose air, and the pressure will always be perfect with no need for adjustment. Another cool thing about the ball being airless is that altitude won't have an effect on it. While the Jabulani was unpredictable, especially in high altitudes, this ball won't have that degree of unpredictability, sticking to the theme of "transparency".

The CTRUS also boasts the ability to change color thanks to LEDs in the ball, controlled by a CPU (Central Processing Unit, basically a small computer) which utilizes information from a GPS locator and Infra-red positioning indicators. That means a form of goal-line technology! When a team scores a goal, the ball could change and fit the team's colors, and the ball will be able to turn red when it goes out for a throw in, allowing for easier decision making for referees.

The CPU also allows for the CTRUS to properly record the force and speed of a kick! And that's not the only thing, there will be an on-board point-of-view camera (with stabilized image technology) which will allow us to see what the ball sees. If that isn't cool enough, I'm not sure what is...

The CTRUS won the Red Dot Luminary Science award, and has been receiving plenty of attention. This ball certainly seems like something from the future, and a prototype has yet to be made. Yet I have to ask the question, even if it were made and it worked properly and efficiently, would FIFA and UEFA accept it? Sadly, I doubt it, but that doesn't stop me from loving this awesome design, and looking forward to many more interesting things from AGENT.

Here's an awesome video highlighting the amazing things about the CTRUS:


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  2. That's very interesting. Could you expand on what it is?



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