Friday, March 12, 2010

Good News Bad News Friday: Jim Lovetoy Wonderblog and Donovan Returning to MLS

This is the first installment of the weekly Good News Bad News Friday, it's quite simple: every Friday SWU will find some good, and some bad to report, whether it be tabloid gossip or player injuries. And now on with the news...

Good News: Jim Lovetoy has a wonderblog

Jim Lovetoy's blog is probably the funniest football blog around right now, bringing memories of the fantastic Ballack and Neville diaries (if you haven't read those then search em up) the Lovetoy blog on The Football Ramble site is hilarious. With fantastic Chelsea bias, it has lines like,
"Chelsea will score first, second, third, fourth, fifth, but the score will remain at 0-0 as the officials will contrive a way to disallow each goal."
This is probably the best footy comedy blog around, so check it out at and follow Jim Lovetoy on Twitter at @JimLovetoyTFR.

Bad News: Donovan returns to MLS after Birmingham match

Donovan will be returning to the MLS to play for the LA Galaxy after the Birmingham City match, although there is some speculation that the USA captain could stay, it is unlikely and it would mean that the MLS strike continues. As an American I have loved following Landon throughout his Everton experiences, and Donovan says that he will certainly return to England, until then he will be an LA Galaxy player.


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