Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MLS Migration: Henry, Raul, Diego, who else?

Season is over, and now the fun stuff can begin... First, a bit of self-advertisement, just wrote an article on Serie A Talk to check out on Parma and Guidolin, check that awesome stuff out here. Second, a bit of MLS migration news, it's interesting to see recent comments by Juventus midfielder Diego who said this about the MLS,
"I find Major League Soccer quite interesting and I could compete in it one day. I like the way it is organized and the US is a beautiful country. .... I believe American soccer has room for improvement and it is an attractive option for foreign players"
Interesting that a player like Diego at Juventus who has a relatively big future in front of him is thinking of the MLS, maybe we could see him move at a young age? Here are some of the big stars could be making their way over to North America this summer.


It seems like the Frenchman has already signed for the New York Red Bulls who are having a great start to the season with the new coach Hans Backe. Henry would fit in well with Juan Pablo Angel up top, and he could put bums in seats for the new 25,000 seater Red Bull Arena.


Another Frenchman who although is rumored to have rejected some offers from MLS clubs could still move to play footy in North America. Pires could also decide to retire though being 37, but a couple of years in the MLS wouldn't do him any bad.

Sports News - May 16, 2010
Raul (and maybe Ronaldinho)

Raul is a player who has been going on forever, but this past season we've seen less of him, and it could be the perfect time for him to move to the MLS and finish a prestigious career possibly with the LA Galaxy along former teammate David Beckham. It's also possible that the LA Galaxy will try to sign Ronaldinho from AC Milan, re-uniting the chubby but still inspirational Brazilian with Beckham.

Ze Roberto

It's very possible that Ze Roberto could move to the New York Red Bulls, especially if Henry isn't signed, the veteran player would add a creative presence for the Red Bulls, and if him and Henry both go there, it would be wonderful to see them play together.

A couple more possibles...

Here are a couple more that could move this summer, or maybe in the future transfer windows, basically all of them are over 30 and aging, but it's certainly a move in the right direction for MLS and football in North America. Del Piero from Juventus is getting less playing time and could move to MLS along with Seedorf and Inzaghi from AC Milan.


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