Wednesday, May 19, 2010

David Villa to Barcelona and Sevilla win Copa del Rey

David Villa and Lionel Messi

Two big chunks of news from Spain, and more self-advertisement (except this time I'll put the link up), I've written another article on Serie A Talk about Luigi Del Neri going to Juventus along with their presidential change and other changes taking place at the club. Check it out here.

David Villa to Barcelona (and maybe Fabregas...)

the first is that David Villa, former Valencia striker has finalized the transfer to Barcelona. It was mostly Barcelona that was chasing him, but I'm sure he wasn't against the idea of going to a club that has won 7 trophies in 2 seasons. The fee seems to be for 32 million Euros which will be paid in the form of 6 million every season over the course of 4 seasons, and this money will surely help Valencia who will also have money from the Champions League of next season.

This signing is the Barcelona president Joan Laporta's good-bye signing, but he might make a second who would be Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal. The rumors on that deal are that Barca want to offer about 30 million Euros along with Yaya Toure (A player Arsenal would find very useful), but Wenger wants about 50 million, and apparently Toure doesn't want to be part of a player swap... Interesting indeed...

Sevilla players lift up the trophy as they celebrate their victory after their King's Cup final soccer match against Atletico Madrid at Nou Camp stadium in Barcelona
Sevilla win Copa del Rey over Atletico Madrid

Sevilla have won the Copa del Rey 2-0 over Atletico Madrid, an early goal in the 5th minute by Diego Capel and a late goal in the 90th by Jesus Navas sealed the cup for Sevilla who will compete in the Champions League next season. Atletico on the other hand have had a terribly strange season, they've won the Europa league and arrived close to a double with the Copa del Rey, but they arrived 9th in La Liga.

What do you think about Villa to Barca and maybe Fabregas? Comment below!


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