Thursday, June 3, 2010

World Football Daily podcast review

Ever since World Soccer Daily was canceled after some terrible Liverpool hate, quality audio soccer shows were scarce. Thank god World Soccer Daily returned as World Football Daily, and since they aren't on Sirius anymore, they started a payment style. The lads on the show have been so nice to mention SWU on their show, and I feel that I have to let you all know about their fantastic show.

First of all, here's a link to their website where you can find plenty of preview podcasts, information, and much much more, WFD. While the idea of a payment option may put you off (it put me off at first, and I had been a loyal listener), it's very important to note three things about the show:

1. You are paying for at least one hour and thirty minutes (it usually ends up to be a good two hours) of soccer discussion, monday to friday PLUS tons of added interviews, video segments, and so much more which I will talk about more below.

2. You are only paying $4.99 a month! That is a very low price if you think about all the hours of quality footy news and analysis.

3. You are listening to the best of the best, MLS coaches and players, Premiership managers and presidents, USA team players, and journalists of the highest order.


There are other payment options other than the 4.99 a month, if you want a better deal you can go for 6 months for 19.99 (you're saving 9.95), or you can go for the best deal there is, and that's the yearly deal for 39.99 (you're saving a whopping 19.98). If you're interested, I have gone for the monthly package, but that's only because during the summer I don't have wi-fi when I'm in Italy so I can't receive the podcasts, it's a great system for me because I pay for when I have it.


Up at point #3 of three important things to know about the show, I mentioned exclusive interviews with the best of the best of the beautiful game, I wasn't kidding. With World Football Daily, you truly get a worldwide spectrum of soccer news, whether it be Andy Brassell filling you in about Europe, Tim Vickery talking about South America, Graham Hunter waxing poetic about Spain, or Grant Wahl explaining MLS in-depth, that's just a few of their amazing selection of journalists who cover the beautiful game. They've also had commentators like Martin Tyler, Andy Gray, and Tim Capel, all giving you high-quality, in-depth views into all matters regarding soccer.

As for coaches, they've had Harry Redknapp (Tottenham Hotspur), Alex McLeish (Birmingham City), Roberto Martinez (Wigan Athletic) and more. They've also had many professional players like Houston Dynamo forward Brian Ching, first Indian born player to play in the MLS Sunhil Chetri, and Manchester City's Micah Richards.


I have to say that World Football Daily is truly the best soccer show I have ever encountered, and while there are other great podcasts like The Gaurdian, The Football Ramble, and others, World Football Daily provides a truly unique coverage that goes on Monday to Friday. It's easy to call into the show to share your opinions with Steven and Kenny, and if you can't call, you can always drop an e-mail and they always read them. They're all over the internet, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter and you should also be aware of their amazing give-aways. If you're looking for a soccer show to listen to which provides an epic amount of coverage, you can stop looking, because World Football Daily's site is right here.


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