Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boateng to Manchester City and Hitzlsperger to West Ham

Sports News - May 29, 2010
While there have been plenty of injuries with the upcoming World Cup like Ferdinand, Ballack, Pirlo, Altidore, Robben, Essien, and Africa's very own Drogba, there have been two very interesting signings which have made their way to the English Premier League.

Both of them are German and only one of them will be going to the World Cup, they're Jerome Boateng and Thomas Hitzlsperger.

Boateng at the age of 21 made the 2010 Germany World Cup team and was signed by Manchester City from Hamburg for an undisclosed fee although it seems like Manchester City will be paying about 15 million dollars to the German club. Boateng has signed a 5-year deal and is the third player to move from Hamburg to the blue side of Manchester, Mancini said that he wanted a quality player that could play in a variety of defensive positions, and Boateng could be the perfect player for the Italian.

Sports News - May 16, 2010
Hitzlsperger on the other hand was left out of the German team traveling to South Africa and is 28 years old, so the German was looking to revitalize his career. Hitzlsperger was included in the 2006 World Cup squad and in the 2008 DURO squad, so Thomas will be looking to make the squad for the 2012 EUROs. What better way to do that then to join Avram Grant, the manager who took Chelsea to the champions League final and revitalized what seemed like a dead and buried Portsmouth. What's also great is that the stingy owners at West Ham landed this top quality player on a free-transfer, so we could see some more cunning signings by West Ham as they hopefully steer clear of relegation next season.


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