Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spain move on to final with 1-0 dominance

And so we have our two finalists, Spain and the Netherlands, both have never one the World Cup and have a great generation of players that both deserve to win it. On one side you have Wesley Sneijder's brilliance, and on the other you have Xavi's calculating mastermind. On one side you have Robben's deadly speed, and on the other you have David Villa's precise finishing. And on both sides you have quality of technique, two teams that know how to pass and move with grace and agility. But a team lost today, Germany have a truly golden generation of youngsters who in four years will shine very brightly, but not today.

Germany – Spain

Spain celebrate after the goal
Like many matches this World Cup, the first half was a tight affair, both teams analysing each other and not playing at their best. Spain weren't decisive and they lacked ideas as they tried to pass it around with little security. Germany on the other hand were completely devoid of the fluidity and speed (has to do with Muller being disqualified) which demolished Australia, England, and Argentina. Spain had the best of the chances, Puyol flashing a header high, and David Villa unable to deviate the ball past Neuer after a great through pass.

The second half saw Spain loosen up, much better passing created two good opportunities for Xabi Alonso to shoot from outside the box and scare German fans. While David Villa wasn't as brilliant as usual, Xavi took care of putting in brilliance; the Spaniard yet again taught everyone on the field how to pass the ball. The small Barcelona midfielder was the fulcrum of every thing Spain created, with back-heel flicks, one of which unlocked space in front of goal for Iniesta who squared to Villa who just couldn't reach it with his toe.

Spain got the goal with their eternal captain, heading the ball in decisively from a corner to give Spain the deserved goal. Germany continued to be undertone compared to the Spaniards, they were unable to create opportunities with their pass and move which was so dominant in their other matches. Pedro had what should've been a sure goal as the German's rose up the field leaving the defense completely unprotected, but the Barcelona forward was greedy, and instead of squaring it to substitute Torres for a goal, he tripped over his own feet and hung his head in shame as Germany recuperated. Del Bosque subbed Pedro off for his inexcusable greed and inability to score from what was a goal.

Luckily that missed opportunity didn't cost Spain the win, they held out against the weak German waves of attack, and the Spaniards will be preparing on how to deal with the Dutch wonder-pair of Robben and Sneijder in the final.


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