Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nike The Chance: Bartek Kalanski

Everyone dreams to be signed for a big club, to go to the Nike Academy, work with the best, show your skills, and become a professional footballer. And now, this dream can become reality with Nike's competition called, "The Chance". 

Here is how "The Chance" works:

  1. Must be male and 18 years old by July 1st 2011 
  2. Create a facebook fan page
  3. Enter the competition, "The Chance" by Nike
  4. Promote yourself with videos, photos, and more
  5. Build a following
  6. Be chosen to go to the Nike Academy
  7. Get scouted, get signed

Bartek Kalanski
And so, SWU has decided to follow an aspiring player in his quest to become a professional footballer, Bartek Kalanski, a young Polish goalkeeper.

Here's his bio:

Name: Bartek Kalanski
Position: Goalkeeper
Age: 17
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Club: New College Football Academy
Nationality: Polish

Right now Bartek has 1221 Facebook fans (and growing), but he needs as many as he can get to have the chance to join the Nike Academy. Bartek has some great videos up on his facebook page, so be sure to check them out and become a fan of it.

As Bartek goes through his journey to become a professional goalkeeper, Soccer Wrap Up will be following him and providing you with updates on how he's doing. SWU might even be able to get photos, videos and more from Bartek on his quest and his skills, so check out

So be sure to follow Bartek on facebook as he could become a future professional goalkeeper!


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