Friday, September 3, 2010

Bartek Kalanski selected for Nike The Chance UK trials

Aforementioned in this post, SWU is following Bartek Kalanski's journey in the Nike: The Chance competition. As a young goalkeeper, Bartek has plenty of competition, but if you go on his facebook page and check out his videos, you'll certainly understand why SWU is supporting him! Be sure to like his facebook page as he could become a professional keeper one day, and he's going to get a chance with the Nike competition.

Now Bartek Kalanski has made it to the UK selection, 100 players from the United Kingdom have been chosen (with Bartek among them) and they will face a two day trial the 8th and 9th of September. Only 50 will be chosen to move on to the second day of the trial, and then after the second day, only a handful will move on to the global trials.

At the global trials there will be 100 players (one of which we hope will be Bartek), and then only 8 of those 100 players from around the world will be offered contracts to become part of the Nike academy. From the Nike academy a world of possibilities opens up, and one of those is most certainly to become a professional soccer player.

The UK trials will take place at Barnets FC training ground, and the players will be staying in the Abbey Mariott Hotel. If you want to see a bio of Bartek Kalanski along with how the Nike: The Chance competition works, check out this post here.

SWU hopes that Bartek has the ability, determination, and luck required to become a professional footballer, but it will be up to him to show it to the world. Good luck Bartek!


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