Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ex-Referee Byron Moreno Caught with Drugs

Moreno sending off Totti in 2002
The Ecuadorian ex-referee Byron Moreno was caught today at the JFK airport in New York, trying to enter the United States with at least 13 pounds (6 kilograms) of heroin. Moreno has already had past accusations of drug use, but Moreno went on to referee important matches in the 2002 World Cup, including when he ridiculously eliminated Italy with some terrible decisions.

Gigi Buffon released this statement when he heard about Moreno,
"Six kilograms of drugs? I think that Moreno already had the drugs back in 2002, but not in his underwear, in his body... But putting aside jokes, when people in sport get in ridiculous situations it means that they're scratching the bottom of the barrel. It means that he has lost the true sense of sport, which would also be to save many kids from the street and dangerous circles, like drug addiction."
It's an interesting piece of news which shows that back then, FIFA didn't pay much attention to a referee's past. What are your thoughts regarding this? Share them below by commenting.


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