Monday, September 27, 2010

Review of the Concave PT+ Classic

After having used the Concave PT+ Classic football cleats for about two weeks now, I've truly enjoyed every moment of it. These cleats have just about all the features needed to accommodate any type of player, as long as you take time to adjust to them. If you're interested in reading about the features of the Concave PT+ Classic, check out my preview of the boot here, and if you want to visit the Concave website, visit it here.

Getting used to the cleats

The first thing that I need to mention about these cleats is something I noticed right away, it will take you some time to actually get your foot to enter the cleat. This is due to the large Concave Component on the top of the boot which covers the laces. That's why Concave gives you a handy shoe horn which you'll need to use to get your foot to enter the boot. But once your foot is inside, the comfort is extremely noticeable. The K-leather is what makes this boot so great, as it moulds to your foot, providing no discomfort or blisters. The boot was actually slightly roomy, and it certainly accommodates wide feet.

After you've got the boots on, you need to make sure you get used to shooting with these. At first I found it new, and I was blasting balls high over the crossbar with little accuracy. But my coach gave me the best advice as I was practicing free kicks, he simply said, "Just put your foot through it". With that mentality, I scored a rocket top-corner free kick (in practice), and I began to understand how I should use the boots to shoot, pass, and cross.

How they perform

After a few practices, I was able to take hard shots from farther out, and place long balls and crosses with more ease. The Concave Component truly does what Concave says, it reduces the amount of force that a player needs to use when kicking the ball. It enlarges your sweet spot, reducing the chance of bad connection between your foot and the ball. While I was obviously unable to prove the statistics that Concave reports, I saw a noticeable improvement in my shot power and shot accuracy.

In fact, I found out that these boots allow a player to use his "wrong" foot with much more ease. It was much easier to take shots with my left foot, mainly because I knew I was going to get a strong connection thanks to the Concave Compenent.

Concave Component close-up

I used the Concave boots in three games, and in all three I appreciated their durability and protection. The shoe truly offers protection like no other, it is unrivalled in this sector. The pain of a stomp on the foot didn't exist anymore for me thanks to the Metaguard on the front of the boot, and the shoe was durable as it gave overall solidity to my feet.


Using the Concave PT+ Classic, I found few negatives. But to start with, these boots aren't for a speedy winger, they offer protection along with the Concave Component which weighs down the boot. If you're interested in being the fastest player on the field, then look at another type of boot, because these don't offer any advantage in that area. The other negative for me occurred just when I had to put them on. Some days when I wanted to just slip on my boots, I couldn't. I had to use the shoe horn, and really stuff my foot through the opening. But trust me, once the foot is inside the boot, you'll love the comfort.

The trusty shoe horn at the top-right
Final judgement

Here's my final word on the cleats, while they aren't flashy and colourful like some other cleats on the market, they're among the best I've used. They offer protection like no other, an increase in performance, and a high amount of comfort thanks to the K-leather. All this is also proved by the fact that Premier League players like John O'Shea and Wes Brown use the Concave PT+ Classic.

Share your thoughts regarding the Concave PT+ Classic below, and be sure to visit Concave's official site here. If you'd like more information on the features of the boot, click here.


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