Monday, December 20, 2010

Nike Bomba Finale Review

After the preview of the Nike Bomba Finale which I put up just about a month ago, I've finally gotten around to posting the actual review of the boots. The Nike Bomba Finale's are the first pair of turf cleats I've ever used, and I'll certainly be using them for quite some time because they are fantastic.

Breaking them in

The Nike Bomba Finale's were comfortable right from the start. I had no problems at all the first time I wore them to practice, and I really like the feel of the Kanga-Lite upper. The cleats have a wonderful feeling all around; they are snug, and probably more comfortable than most cleats I've ever had. No problems at all breaking them in, and a couple days after my first practice with them, I used them in a game and scored. Always a good sign.

On field performance

Regarding the performance on the field, these cleats were impeccable. Playing on turf I had no trouble at all with these cleats, and I didn't have the feeling that I was sinking into the ground anymore. The circular studs at the bottom really help when you change directions, making it simple to accelerate past defenders without slipping.

I mentioned above that I really like the Kanga-Lite upper. While at first I found it a little unique and weird, it grew on me, and now I think that it's a genius idea by Nike. While you can feel that the material isn't thick, it is completely waterproof along with being lighter than traditional Kangaroo leather. It just took some time to get used to it, but now I really think that it is the best synthetic material on the market.

Finishing off the "On field performance" section, I was really impressed by how these performed. The "turf-guard" on the front is effective at stopping little turf bits from creeping between the outsole and the upper (eventually causing the boot to split apart), and the higher heel also keeps the turf bits out from getting inside your cleats. I'm going to say it again for any doubters that don't like synthetic materials instead of classic leather, the Kanga-Lite upper is fantastic. While it isn't Kangaroo leather, it doesn't suck up water, and it still provides a great feel on the ball.

Pass Pad and Shot Shield

In my preview I discussed that I wasn't sure if these two features were going to be as cool and useful as they looked. I always believe that what some call "gimmicks", even if they don't work, have a psychological effect (almost like a placebo effect) which still helps out.

In my opinion, the pass pad and the shot shield did make a difference. I found distributing the ball easier with the pass pad, along with receiving and controlling easier because the hexagonal pattern took off some of the spin from the ball. The shot shield was also useful in beating the keeper to score a goal, it helped keep my shot low and hard instead of flying over the bar. These two features are certainly awesome, but even without them these boots are fantastic.

Final Judgement

I decided to skip the section regarding negatives/cons, mainly because there are none for me. I've encountered no problems at all so far, and they're certainly my favorite pair of cleats right now. Everything about these boots is tailored for perfection. The Kanga-Lite upper keeps them light and waterproof while giving you control, the "turf guard on the front along with the raised heel were genius inovations for keeping turf bits out of your shoes, and the pass pad and shot shield were cherries on top of an already excellent cake.

I really recommend these boots if you're looking for a pair of turf cleats, and if you're looking to order online, I got mine from Kitbag. Excellent service from the UK company, I'll certainly be using them again.


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