Friday, December 31, 2010

What Is Stopping Manchester City From Winning The Premier League?

Roberto Mancini Manager Celebrates after the final whistle Manchester City 2010/11 Manchester City V Bolton Wanderers (1-0) 04/12/10 Premier League Photo: Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom
Roberto Mancini notably excited about City's title chances
Looking at the Premier League right now, things look like a mess. Plenty of teams have fixtures to make up due to weather problems, sides are forced to play something like four matches in eleven days, and although Manchester City are second in the table, I hear people saying that they aren't title contenders.

It's tough to make sense out of this table of teams which has some sides up to three games behind other sides (Blackpool... get some proper undersoil heating next time you want to play in the winter...), but what we can ascertain is that this period is very important to how the season will pan out. While teams are having their ups and downs - like Chelsea losing to Arsenal and then winning against Bolton - it's the teams which can consistently get results which will come out on top after this tough winter time.

Right now Manchester United and Manchester City are equal with 38 points at the top of the table (although United has two games in hand compared to City). Behind the pair from Manchester Arsenal are at 36 points and Chelsea are at 34 points (both London clubs have a game in hand compared to City). While Manchester City aren't thrashing the opposition, they're holding their own in the title race.

Mario Balotelli celebrates scoring his 1st goal with team mates David Silva and Yaya Toure Manchester City 2010/11 Manchester City v Aston Villa (4-0) 28/12/10 The Premier League Photo: Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom
More than just some star players, they're a team 
To say that a team with so much talent is unable to win the Premier League this season seems wild to me. Roberto Mancini seems to have calmed down the big-money club and organize the group of superstars into a team. He started by teaching them to defend as a team, and now he is beginning to allow his team to become more attacking as a unit, not as individuals.

With Blackpool travelling to Eastlands on Saturday, and Manchester City going to Arsenal Wednesday, these two fixtures are a chance for Roberto Mancini's side to prove that they are title contenders. Two wins in these two fixtures doesn't seem all that impossible, and if City pull them off, they'll be pushing for the title with plenty of conviction.

I'm of the opinion that if Manchester City manage to take advantage of this tiring winter period, they'll truly become title contenders. Do you think Manchester City are title contenders? Share your comments below!


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