Thursday, January 6, 2011

Barcelona's New Jersey With Qatar Foundation Sponsor

Possible Barcelona 2011/12 away shirt with the Qatar sponsor

When Barcelona announced that they would be allowing the Qatar Foundation to be their shirt sponsor, the world gasped. What about Unicef? Where would they go? Fans were assured that the expert designers at Nike would do their best to incorporate the two sponsor logos somehow.

This is the first sneak peak at a possible Barcelona 2011/12 away shirt, and there's no sign of Unicef on it. This shirt is certainly part the away kit, with the blaugrana stripes remaining on the home shirt. I really like this black color mixed with the golden detailing, it's got a sleek look to it. 

As for the home shirt, there was a possible design leaked some time ago which has sparked a reaction (mostly negative) from fans. Next season's home shirt features much thinner stripes with a diagonal pattern of the stripes getting thicker. While you might be recoiling in disgust, I actually don't think it's that bad. The blaugrana colors are still there, and the thickness of the stripes isn't really important to me.
Barcelona's 2011/12 home shirt design which was leaked
While the Unicef logo is still on the image of the home shirt, it's probably only because the Qatar Foundation logo hadn't been designed yet. What are your thoughts regarding the kits and the whole matter of Barcelona finally selling the front of their shirt to a sponsor? While I think it's sad that Barcelona change their history for economic gain, it was going to happen one day or another. 

I like both of the designs, especially the away one, which one is your favorite? Share your comments below!


  1. this new kit is garbage! I don't mind about selling out to Qatar Foundation, I hate these thin stripes!

  2. @ SIM

    I totally agree, this thing sucks! Why did barca have to sell out

  3. Its sad, they are selling part of their History and their Identity. Moreover, the away kit looks good.But the home kit is UGLY , I would not buy that.

  4. This is a VERY sad day for me. I am a huge Barcelona fan for so many reasons, but now I will have to find a new team out of principle.

    How can they partner with an organization like the Qatar Foundation that has given money to extremist cleric Yusuf al Qaradawi who is an advocate of terrorism, wife beating and anti-Semitism?

    This shows an unbelievable lack of good judgement and I will not support them in any way.

    Bye-Bye BARCA

  5. The man who said something about yusuf al qardawi... you are stupid as the zionis...

  6. to the idiot that talked about Shiekh Yusuf al Qaradawi. See i am a Muslim and huge Barcelona fan for more then 15yrs, i don't care if Barcelona make a partnership with Isreal Foundations or Qatar ones, but let me tell you this if you hate Muslims so much then go to the front-lines where the fight takes place. and don't create conflict between football fans.

  7. worried about messiMay 26, 2011 at 4:57 AM

    Hi I live In the U.S. and don't watch a lot of soccer but I love Messi and Barcelona. WHat are you guys talkin about with Barcelona having shirts that are new from Qatar or wherever it is? SO do they have a sponsorship deal with terrorists a now? How can that be right? He is such a good player but maybe that is why they can pay his so much money. Because they get a lot of money from people that are sympathisers with terrorists and killing Americans. Should I stop liking Barcelona and find a new team or do you think thath Unicelf will pa y them more money and they will return to Barcelona's shirts. Unicef was a good company from what I hear

  8. you are soooo duuuummmb!!! why dont you for your own opinion about this..? what are you 5?

  9. i dnt care wat pple gonna say abt barca new jersey or sponsor,, we talking abt the team player n the skill that they trash man u... hahahahaha

  10. I'd like to comment on what this person said,....but I'm not sure what he's saying??? How about a vowel or two in your sentences?!?!?!

    And to the person that called the other one "duuuummmmb", I think you meant "FORM your own opinion". How ironic that YOU'RE calling HIM dumb!!!

    Too funny!

  11. I LOVE barca, and while I'm a little disappointed in their decision to change the design of their home kits(the away kit is 10x better now in my opinion) I'm not gonna let this change my support for them. MES QUE UN CLUB (sorry no pronunciation marks on my comp)

  12. to the guy from usa...i am sorry if your geo is so weak...u mustve failed or sumthing.qatar is in the middle east...and its the richest country in the has 0 courruption..and we have got the fifa world cup in 2022..i study at Qatar Foundation...and i am a has 6 AMERICAN UNIVERISITES INCLUDING TEXAS A&M AND CARNIGIE MELLON.....and we are not what if we are dirty was just another grocery stop shop for us....its nothing to create a fuss about....and wtf about us muslims killing americans....dont you see iraq..palestine..afghanistan etc.... shame on you for ignoring so many points....and also for supporting israel...... wat makes u americans so special in the world...ur just normal humans like any1 else in the it uganda or russia...

  13. UNICEF has always been the identity of Barca, it makes them unique! I loved it! ^^
    I hate the fact that it has to go. The new thin stripes AND the 'Qatar Foundation' in front, both sucks!

  14. i think the qatar foundation looks fine and look on the bright side unicef is still on the back of the shirts. and personaly i think the new kit looks cool but this is nothing wait till you see the 2012 2013 season kit that shit is just ugly.

  15. It is a great design the only thing that it lets me down. It is the color. I don't like that kind of jersey with that color.



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