Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Real Madrid Sign Emmanuel Adebayor On Loan

It was just a matter of time. Mourinho was unhappy at Real Madrid, and the Portuguese had been whining consistently for a center-forward after Gonzalo Higuain's back injury. Emmanuel Adebayor didn't fit into Roberto Mancini's plans at Manchester City, especially considering that Manchester City went out and bought Edin Dzeko in this mid-season transfer window. Now, with Adebayor's loan to Real Madrid, everyone is happy. Adebayor is happy to be in the spotlight, Mourinho is happy to get his center-forward, and Manchester City is happy to (temporarily) rid themselves of the Togo international.

Adebayor wasn't Real Madrid's first choice though. Jose Mourinho was keen on bringing back Ruud Van Nilsterooy to the Bernabeu. But while Real Madrid expected Hamburg to let the striker leave, the German club felt rebellious. Even if Van Nilsterooy was interested in a return to Madrid, his club didn't comply with Real's demands.

Yet Adebayor isn't a bad choice. He's an excellent short-term signing, only causing potential problems if kept for more than a season. Adebayor even decided to cut down on his wages, just to make sure that there were no problems with the deal. If Real Madrid are interested in permanently signing Adebayor from Manchester City, they have what they describe a, "unilateral option", to buy him for 15 million Pounds.
Which Real Madrid player will make way for Adebayor?

While Real Madrid's current stars are already fighting for space, it seems like Adebayor could slot perfectly into the starting eleven. Jose Mourinho's 4-2-3-1 formation would accommodate Adebayor, with Kaka, Ozil, and Cristiano Ronaldo behind him offering extra firepower. That leaves Di Maria and Benzema on the bench, allowing Mourinho to rotate and/or use them as super-subs to inject some adrenaline late into the game.

All that remains a mystery is which player will be on the bench to make way for Adebayor. Could it be Kaka, who has finally returned to form? Or will it be Benzema, unliked by Mourinho? Share your comments below!

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