Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mario Balotelli "is an enigma" says David Platt

Manchester City manager David Platt has spoken positively of Mario Balotelli’s behaviour off the pitch, describing him as an ‘enigma’ and praising his improved maturity. The Italian striker was in fine form at the weekend, scoring two goals as City hammered Manchester United 6-1 at Old Trafford, and he has certainly appeared to be more consistent at the start of this campaign.

 Referring to the much talked about 21-year-old, Platt said:
“I don't think he is a difficult player to manage. He is not someone who sulks. People saw his talent but they perhaps saw it in fleeting moments last season. His behaviour has always been good but there have been too many ups and downs in terms of his concentration levels. But they are there and have been for a good two to three months now. He will lose concentration but you can snap him back out of it. He is never down for a week - it is 10 seconds and then he is out of it.”
Platt finished off by saying, “He is an enigma”.

There is no doubting Balotelli is having a positive influence over City right now two. He played a starring role at Old Trafford of course, but he has scored four other goals so far this season and is a very important part of Roberto Mancini’s plans. He is a fan favourite as well. After opening the scoring at Manchester United, he revealed a t-shirt saying "Why always me?" and plenty have been bought by City fans to pay tribute to one of their newest heroes.

As for Mancini’e men as a whole, they will be very pleased with life right now. Many people with betting money have them down as favourites to win the title. Their derby victory at Old Trafford was a significant turning point in their rivalry with Manchester United. Of course, many sporting tips are saying that the race is far from over – there are only five points between them and second place after all – but there is no doubt whatsoever that City are showing signs of being a major force in world football over the next few years.

Next up for Manchester City and Balotelli is a Carling Cup tie against Wolves. Whether the Italian forward will be able to produce his magic again, we'll have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on Balotelli and his growing role at Manchester City? Still a child or finally matured? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I think Balotelli enjoys being hated by many but he is a quality player. He was a crucial player for City at Old Trafford no one can deny that. I think David Platt has made Balotelli out better than he really is! More smiles from Balotelli on the pitch would be a start, he doesnt seem to enjoy playing!

  2. Great player, strong, fast, lots of skill on the ball.
    All the controversy around him is just his style I guess.

    Miguel C.

  3. Some players simply grow and become the best because of their agressive style. Balotelli and the same with Ibrahimovic (if you read his book) is driven by hate in some way and that makes them better football players.



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