Thursday, January 6, 2011

Barcelona's New Jersey With Qatar Foundation Sponsor

Possible Barcelona 2011/12 away shirt with the Qatar sponsor

When Barcelona announced that they would be allowing the Qatar Foundation to be their shirt sponsor, the world gasped. What about Unicef? Where would they go? Fans were assured that the expert designers at Nike would do their best to incorporate the two sponsor logos somehow.

This is the first sneak peak at a possible Barcelona 2011/12 away shirt, and there's no sign of Unicef on it. This shirt is certainly part the away kit, with the blaugrana stripes remaining on the home shirt. I really like this black color mixed with the golden detailing, it's got a sleek look to it. 

As for the home shirt, there was a possible design leaked some time ago which has sparked a reaction (mostly negative) from fans. Next season's home shirt features much thinner stripes with a diagonal pattern of the stripes getting thicker. While you might be recoiling in disgust, I actually don't think it's that bad. The blaugrana colors are still there, and the thickness of the stripes isn't really important to me.
Barcelona's 2011/12 home shirt design which was leaked
While the Unicef logo is still on the image of the home shirt, it's probably only because the Qatar Foundation logo hadn't been designed yet. What are your thoughts regarding the kits and the whole matter of Barcelona finally selling the front of their shirt to a sponsor? While I think it's sad that Barcelona change their history for economic gain, it was going to happen one day or another. 

I like both of the designs, especially the away one, which one is your favorite? Share your comments below!


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