Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adopting a Second Team for the 2014 World Cup

As you may have heard, there’s a World Cup on. And while for most of us that means rallying behind our home nation, there’s no hiding the fact we all love to adopt a second team during the tournament.

There are various reasons why we do this. It may be because our home nation didn’t qualify to begin with (sorry, Scotland/Wales/N. Ireland). It also might be because we have dual nationality, enjoy a team’s playing style, hold a soft spot for a particular underdog, or, and probably what is most likely, we may have received a nation in a World Cup sweepstake.

Sweepstakes obviously provide monetary incentives, however the reasons to support a second team are many. The best thing is - there’s no downside. Adopting a second team means you have further vested interest in the World Cup, without the risk of being devastated if your adopted team bow out of the tournament.

As you can imagine, this is a significantly less nerve-wracking experience than supporting your home nation. And if you happen to be an England fan, significantly increases your chances of actually winning the thing! While we all enjoy adopting a second (and even third or fourth) nation for the World Cup there are inevitably varying degrees of embracement.

Some of us simply check in every now and then to see how our adopted team are doing, others may decide to tune in to each of their games, and the most dedicated may even go as far as learning all about their nation of choice.

My World Cup Team 

If you fall into this bracket, and are wanting to swot up on your sweepstake then we can’t recommend My World Cup Team enough. It’s a very nifty site which contains more trivia than you could shake a Caxirola at. Everything from squad value, to historical figures to nuggets of information about the actual nation itself. Well worth checking out!

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