Sunday, June 29, 2014

Use PixiClip As a Sports/Soccer Coaching Tool

Pixiclip is an interactive whiteboard which makes for a great sports coaching tool thanks to its various functions, and more importantly its easy sharing capabilities. The Pixiclip website has a clean interface, which makes it easy to upload images, quickly draw, and record everything you're doing in order to easily send or show it to anyone.

By using uploaded images you can show players where you'd like them to take up their positions, and shuffle them around the field if needed. On top of this you can use the pencil tool to show which runs you'd like your players to be making, and with the marker tool it's easy to highlight areas of the field to show what zones a player should cover. Pixiclip's simple and easy-to use interface lets you add text, while also giving you the ability to erase or undo any mistakes you make on the way.

Perhaps what's most impressive about Pixiclip is how easy it is to record and share what you're working on. You can use a webcam and a microphone to explain or give commentary, and once you're finished Pixiclip will host your recording, making it easy to share your link with friends, or embed your video into your website. This makes it easy to share your tactics with your entire team, and Pixiclip also gives you the option to make your videos private, to ensure that your match day tactics remain hidden.

In the video below I run over some easy ways about how you can use PixClip as a soccer/sports coaching tool:


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