Monday, September 14, 2015

Playstation and UEFA Bring the Champions League App to PS4

A screenshot of the UEFA Champions League app on PS4
Sony recently announced on its European blog that it will be collaborating with UEFA in order to bring the Champions League App to the Playstation 4. While many (including myself) hoped that this would be a convenient way to have access to live or on demand Champions League matches for this upcoming season, sadly, it seems like this isn't a feature.

Despite this, the Champions League app still does bring some watchable Champions League action for Playstation users. In the blog post it provides some details regarding watchable matches:
PlayStation Plus members will also be able to relive some of the most memorable moments from the UEFA Champions League archives, with a number of Classic Matches available to watch via the in-app player. 
A range of matches from past seasons will be available at different times throughout the season, in 5 and 20 minute edits. The following Classic Matches are in the app to watch from today:
  • Juventus 1-3 FC Barcelona – Final, Berlin 2015
  • Man. Utd 4-3 Real Madrid (Agg: 5-6) – Quarter-finals, second leg, 2002/2003
  • FC Bayern M√ľnchen 1-1 Chelsea FC (aet, Chelsea win 4-3 on penalties) – Final, Munich 2012
The important piece of information there is in the fact that "Classic Matches" seem to be exclusively only for Playstation Plus members. However, regarding the app's other features, it seems like non-Playstation Plus users will be able to participate in the Fantasy Football, Predictor, and Top Five games in which you can compete against friends on the PS4 leaderboards.

While there will be prizes for doing well in these games, there are some restrictions in place here as well. PS4 users in the United States of America, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina won't be eligible to win prizes, which leaves a huge amount of football/soccer crazed fans out of the action. Although the blog post doesn't mention whether a Playstation Plus membership is necessary to participate in the games and win prizes, part of me thinks that it will be required.

What are your thoughts on Sony and UEFA's exclusive collaboration on PS4? Will you be participating in the games in hopes of winning prizes? Share your thoughts below!

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